Monday, May 18, 2009

Recent Reads for May 18

Belle Prater's Boy

Set in small town Virginia, this is a heartbreaking and remarkable read of loss and family.

Jamestown 1607

This is a good overview of the Jamestown settlement, but it didn't engage me, for some reason.

Empire State Building

Now, this is a pretty cool read. As you can guess, it's about the incredible construction of the ESB. The pictures of the workers casually balancing themselves are unbelievable! I didn't know that the construction of the building inspired such hopeful pride in Depression-era New Yorkers.

Cowboy: An Album

A great read for young buckaroos interested in the cowboy lifestyle. They'll quickly learn that it wasn't all fun and games; it was often a lonely and dangerous lifestyle.

Inside the Alamo

Having lived in Texas for two years (and still able to recite the Pledge to the Texas Flag that everyone said at school events and meetings), I thought I knew quite a bit about Texas history. Inside the Alamo, crammed with amazing details and illustrations, proved me wrong!

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