Monday, August 03, 2009


(Trying this again-had a bad link).

I was keeping an account on a similar site for my own personal reference (easier to keep count of what/how many books I've read than to keep a paper copy), but that site has gone through a big redesign, and I hate it!

Plus, Goodreads allows me to include this nifty little shelf on my blog. It's allll the way at the bottom. I can't figure out how to bring it toward the top of the page-maybe I can't. Oh, well. If you click on the Goodreads logo, you can go to my Goodreads account and read my (short, for the most part) comments. I don't blog every book that I read, but everything I read will be on Goodreads.

Or you can go here.

(I set everything to the "today" default date, since I'm adding everything I've read since I joined the other site.)

Are you on Goodreads? Let me know!

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