Thursday, December 14, 2006

Festival of Lights

Hanukkah starts at sundown tomorrow (4:51 PM). I've read several children's Hanukkah books recently, and It's Hanukkah Time! is a good choice to share with preschoolers.

We follow a Jewish preschool through their preparations for a Hanukkah party. The guests of honor are their grandparents, and they are busy making crafts, wrapping gifts, hanging decorations, and cleaning the classroom "just like the Maccabees cleaned the temple." The guests arrive, and it's time for stories, snack (sufganiyot-jelly donuts), the dreidel game, and lots of fun.

Children enjoy looking at photographs of other children, and the pictures in this book are big enough to enjoy the details and activity in the "story."

Hanukkah links:

TorahTots's Hanukkah site

If you're interested in Hanukkah recipes, Epicurious's sufganiyot and Hanukkah pages are quite extensive.

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