Thursday, December 28, 2006

Library Goes to the Dogs

Have you checked out our Paws to Read program? Beginner readers are invited to read to therapy/assistance dogs at the Warrenton and Marshall branches every month.

The dogs are here to inspire confidence in reading aloud. A dog doesn't correct a child when he/she stumbles over a word. Studies have shown that petting a dog has a calming and soothing affect.

If you come to the Warrenton branch, you'll be reading to Miles. Miles is a calm and handsome German Shepherd. He was a seeing eye dog for several years, but he is retired, visiting a nursing home in his spare time, and stealing hearts everywhere. He is a big boy, but he is as gentle as can be.

Marshall has a variety of visiting dogs-all trained and all cute (I know from experience-I've met the darling black lab).

Warrenton's January session is on January 13 at 10 AM. We usually have it on the third Saturday of the month, however.

Marshall's Paws to Read program is on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM.

No registration is required, but parents must sign a permission slip available at the library.

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