Tuesday, February 20, 2007

11th Carnival of Children's Literature

Every month, bloggers are invited to participate in a blogging carnival of their choice. What's a blogging carnival, you may ask? On a regular basis, a blog is selected/volunteered to host a carnival related to their blog. If you have a business blog, you may participate in the Carnival of Customer Service. Homeschooling blogs are directed to the Carnival of Homeschooling. Politics, food, pets, movies, and many other subjects are the stars of their own carnivals. You can check them out here.

But enough about that. Let me tell you about the best carnival-The Carnival of Children's Literature. Mother Reader is the host of this month's carnival. Being February, there are links to posts about Valentine's Day, snow, Black History Month, and Chinese New Year. There are also great book reviews and reflections on children's literature. Go check it out.

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