Monday, April 23, 2007

13th Carnival of Children's Literature

The 13th Carnival of Children's Literature is underway at Jen Robinson's Book Page. Jen has put together an impressive array of blog postings, which shouldn't surprise anyone who is familiar with her work.

A blog carnival is a collection of blog posts submitted by bloggers (I submitted my baseball books and links post-Jen placed it in "The Merry-Go-Round" section). Bloggers are asked to submit what they believe to be their best post in a selected time period (the children's literature carnival is a monthly event). A blogger volunteers to host the carnival on her/his blog. A carnival is a great way to "discover" new-to-you blogs.

Kidlit bloggers aren't the only ones to have carnivals. You can find many different types of carnivals on the Blog Carnival Index.

Many thanks to Jen for showcasing the blog postings so creatively. Well done!

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