Monday, April 09, 2007

Beverly Cleary Party!

The John Marshall library's Beverly Cleary birthday party is today! I'm leaving in a little over an hour to help Mrs. Cosby prepare and to help with the program. The fun starts at 4:30! We'll read Ramona's favorite picture book (when she was a kidnergartner, as Willa Jean would say*), have doughnuts and apple juice (the snack Ramona looked forward to as part of her school's Halloween program), make a Picky Picky cat bookmark, and in honor of one of Ramona's favorite activities, we'll have an arts and craft project (straw paint art). We'll also sign and decorate a large Happy Birthday card, which will then be sent to Bealeton for their party, sent to Warrenton for their party, and finally sent to Mrs. Cleary in care of her publisher.

(I'm also hoping to send pictures of our program as well.)

Bealeton's party is tomorrow, April 10 (Ms. Richardson is adding her own special touches to Bealeton's party), at 2 p.m. and Warrenton's party is Saturday, April 14 at 11 a.m.

I'm so excited! I'm really hoping to have all of Beverly Cleary's books read by April 16th. If not, then at least by Sunday.

*Why does Willa Jean say kidnergarten? Because that's where the kids are!

(Bless her little heart, as Howie's grandmother would say.)

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