Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a Day!

A great Head Start visit in the morning, and the Chris Crutcher program tonight. What a wonderful, fabulous day. I am a very lucky, but very tired, girl. The kids were adorable this morning, laughed out loud at Bark George (not that they didn't like the other stories, but that was the definite highlight), and were so excited to pick their book as part of our Reading is Fundamental program. This evening was dinner with Chris Crutcher and a crowd of intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate teachers and librarians. The audience for Chris Crutcher's program was small, but this allowed for an intimate discussion and question time.

Chris Crutcher is not only a great and insightful author for young adults, but is also a fabulous speaker. Witty, intelligent, thoughtful....you name it. He is also a very friendly and generous man. He had a very long day talking to English classes at Fauquier High and Liberty High, lunch with students and teachers, dinner with teachers and librarians, and finally, his discussion at John Barton Payne. You wouldn't have known it had you been there at the program (and you should have been there! You missed a fabulous program!). Every question asked was given a very thorough and thoughtful response, whether it was increased censorship of literature, the treatment and respect of children, what gives him hope, the mental health crisis in our country, and the Virginia Tech killings (not only is he an award winning author, but has also worked as a teacher and a mental health therapist). He graciously signed copies of books and posed for pictures.

My supervisor is driving him back to his hotel as I write this (I normally walk to work, but since it was dark by the time the program was over, I hitched a ride with my supervisor and Chris Crutcher).

Tomorrow morning is toddler storytime, so I should get to bed. I'm too hopped up by today to even think about sleeping! Thursday is working at the volunteer reception, Friday is judging at the Battle of the Books competition, I have more storytimes to plan, more Write Away programs to finalize, books to read for next month's Capitol Choices and future blog posts, and summer reading program activities to plan. Busy, busy, busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way. No job is 100% roses all the time, but most of the time, it's really very good.

Thank you to Dawn, Michelle at Liberty High School, and the Friends of the Fauquier County Public Library for making this day happen. Thank you to the students who responded so strongly to the stories and asked such great questions-Mr. Crutcher praised you highly this evening. Thank you, Chris Crutcher, for being so generous with your time.

What a day!

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