Wednesday, June 06, 2007

48 Hour Book Challenge

The second annual 48 Hour Book Challenge takes place this weekend, hosted by Mother Reader. The goal is to read as many children's (4th grade level and up) and/or YA books as possible in 48 hours (and blog about it on your blog).

I've never done much of marathon reading, so this will be an interesting challenge. I have plans Saturday night, so that's a chunk out right there. And I'm factoring in driving time, because I cannot stay in my apartment all day long.

Bottom line is: I don't think I'll win.

My goal is not to win (as much as I would like to say, "I'm in it to win it!"), but to get through some of the books I've had too long in my TBR (to be read) pile.

Plus, Mother Reader is not only one of my favorite bloggers, but a really nice person in general. I want to help her make this an even bigger success than last year, and I can do that in my small way by participating.

School Library Journal did a nice write-up of Pam in last June's edition.

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