Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hollywood, Here We Come

...Well, maybe not.

A few months ago, our public services supervisor, Dawn Sowers (my immediate supervisor), and our Public Information Coordinator, Cindy Taylor, wrote a "commercial" for our summer reading program. Since pirates are all the rage right now, they incorporated a pirate theme. My fellow youth services librarian at the Bealeton branch, Helena Richardson, and I taped it for the public access channel.

Our Electronic Resources Librarian, Alison Pruntel, uploaded it to YouTube for the world's entertainment. Helena is awesome (she is the pirate). I, however, look very nervous at the beginning, I'm trying not to laugh at Helena, and my voice is usually not that squeaky. We filmed it in one take. It was a ton of fun, and I always love working with Helena on a project.

Here's our Youtube channel. Enjoy!

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