Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Stone Lamp

There are only so many “At Hanukkah we spin a dreidel” books that you can take before you want something meatier and meaningful, especially if you are looking for books for Jewish children. Karen Hesse’s The Stone Lamp: Eight Stories of Hanukkah Through History is definitely a breath of fresh air.

The long history of the Jewish people is filled with many triumphs and achievements, but also filled with many sorrows and tragedies. Karen Hesse’s stories of Jewish children living in different periods do not shy away from this fact. The details are not dwelt upon or overly graphic, but the history of each event highlighted does not gloss over the facts.

The “stories” are told in verse form, which is a common modus operandi employed by Hesse. This is definitely one for families to share together in a sensitive and thoughtful environment.

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