Friday, December 14, 2007

Two More by Judy Blume

I'm whipping my way through the Judy Blume books. I recently read Just As Long as We're Together and It's Not the End of the World.

Just As Long as We're Together takes a look at the complications of middle school friendships. Stephanie and Rachel have been best friends since second grade; when Alison moves to the neighborhood, they befriend her quickly. However, jealousy soon arises, which threatens to end the friendship between Stephanie and Rachel. Stephanie is also dealing with her parents' separation, which adds to the stress. Humorous episodes are expertly balanced against the serious episodes, making this a very satisfying read.

Less humorous and satisfying is It's Not the End of the World. After one too many fights, Karen's parents are separating. Understandably, this turns the three children's lives upside down. Karen tries to create scenarios which she hopes will bring her parents back together, but her efforts prove to be futile. An argument between Karen's mother and Karen's brother leads to her brother temporarily running away. There is little joy or humor in this book, which is a bit unusual for Blume. Definitely not one of my favorites.

I'm currently reading Superfudge, which, I'm relieved to find, is much better than Double Fudge.

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