Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just One More

The English language has several exceptions that make it puzzling for children and those learning English as a second language. While it’s true that a plural of a noun is usually made by simply adding “s,” but we know that that is not always true. Just look at my first sentence: child is singular, but children is plural. A child’s language explosion typically begins around 18-21 months; he/she will eventually show that he/she understands that there is a difference between singular and plural nouns by adding the “s” to nouns. He’ll/she’ll say “foots” for feet. He/she has the understanding that when you talk about more than one thing, the word changes, but he/she doesn’t quite have it down yet (think about this-this is quite a concept to grasp).

Just One More illustrates a sampling of the irregular noun changes from singular to plural: child to children, ox to oxen, man to men, and so on. There’s no storyline; just sight words and illustrations. A simple book illustrating a complex matter...I’m all for that!

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