Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Journey Home

Journey to Topaz is such a remarkable read that I was looking forward to finally reading the sequel, Journey Home. After their release from the internment camp they had been living in since the U.S. declared war against Japan, Yuki and her family are eagerly looking forward to returning to California. Unfortunately, they discover that although they are allowed to return home, life as they knew it will never be the same. Some of their Caucasian friends warmly welcome them home, but others remain highly suspicious of Japanese-Americans. Worst of all, Yuki’s brother, who has been fighting the Germans in Europe, has been wounded on the battlefield.

Taken together, Journey to Topaz and Journey Home are exemplary children’s books about the impact of the internment camps on one Japanese-American family. Although Journey Home does not, in my opinion, stand up on its own quite as well as Journey to Topaz does, the books retain their importance in children’s historical fiction literature.

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