Monday, January 12, 2009

In a Blue Room

It’s very common for children to develop an obsession with a particular color. Only items with that coloring are approved; everything else is not worthy of their attention. This is the situation we find in In a Blue Room. Alice loves the color blue. Everything in her room must be blue. It’s nighttime, and just like many children, she’s fighting sleep. Mama brings tea, flowers, a quilt, and even a blue lullaby; all must be blue. The task seems impossible, but new swirls of color appear when the light is turned out and the pale moon glows. In a Blue Room is a gentle understanding of a child’s desire to control their uncontrollable world; it’s a lovely bedtime read aloud story. Very sweet. I’ve seen it mentioned on Mock Caldecott lists, so keep your eye out for this one.

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