Monday, September 28, 2009

Last But Definitely Not Least....New Chapter Books

Almost to the finish line! We have so many awesome chapter books coming in (or already on the shelves) that I'm going to split up the list (and I'm not even including every single new title-just the ones that I'm really excited about and/or the ones that I think will go over like gangbusters). Today, I'm going to focus on new additions to series. Upcoming posts will focus on sequels and stand-alone titles.

We'll start with what is one of the most anticipated book of the fall season, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4: Dog Days. I'm not sure why a book about Greg's summer vacation isn't being released until October, but it's not like DOAWK fans will really care. Anyway-if you want to read a library copy, you really want to place a hold on a copy (there are already quite a few people ahead of you).

Jennifer Holm's wildly successful Babymouse is back in her eleventh adventure: Babymouse: Dragonslayer. Babymouse finds herself on the school math team, competing for the big Golden Slide Rule. Since the Babymouse series is particularly popular with girls (although I know boys who love it, which is great), this is a really cool plotline.

Peggy Elizabeth Gifford's Moxy Maxwell is back in Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Practicing the Piano (But She Does Love Being in Recitals). The Moxy Maxwell books are fun reads; if your library branch's copy is checked out, read the previous two books if you aren't familiar with the series.

Another fun series is the Piper Reed series by Kimberly Willis Holt. In the third entry of the Piper Reed series, Piper and her friends start a party-planning business in order to purchase their coveted clubhouse. Piper Reed is perfect for readers who have "graduated" from the Junie B. Jones series.

Spiderwick Chronicles fans, take note! The third book in the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series, The Wyrm King is out. The Wyrm King concludes the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series. Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black are on a "farewell" to promote The Wyrm King (not farewell to writing forever...just to the series).

Not to be outdone, Angie Sage's fifth book in her Septimus Heap series, Syren, will be available soon. I'd go ahead and place a hold on this book; we already have a few holds, and once people realize that a new Septimus Heap book is out, it will be difficult to find on the shelves for a little while. And if you're a fantasy fan, but not familiar with Septimus Heap, give the series a try.

Cressida Cowell's Heroic Misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III series is usually a hit with readers want a truly laugh out loud read. I've known families who have listened to the CDs while on long car trips, and they said that listening to the CDs was one of the highlights of the trip! Cowell's latest book, A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons, includes a Hairy Scary Librarian as Hiccup's nemesis.

Whew! And that's *just* the new books in some of our most popular series! Happy reading!

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