Thursday, September 24, 2009

Neat Nonfiction...Coming Right Up

Children's nonfiction. It's not just for reports anymore! From Nic Bishop's amazing photo-rich books, to engrossing narratives by Candace Fleming and Russell Freedman, to established publishers like DK and National Geographic, children's nonfiction has the power to attract the attention of both avid readers and reluctant readers. I'm going to tell you about the titles I'm particularly excited about, as well as a few new titles that are currently popular at our libraries.

Candace Fleming is a fabulous talent; not only does she write great picture books, she writes some of the most readable and exciting children's biographies that I have read. When I heard that she was working on a biography of P.T. Barnum, the great circus impresario, I knew it would be a fabulous read. Having read an advanced reader's copy of the book, I can attest that The Great and Only Barnum is as fascinating as you can imagine.

Fans of Nic Bishop are undoubtedly marking the days until his latest, Nic Bishop Marsupials, is released. If you're not familiar with his work, you'll definitely want to check out his previous books. Bishop's photographs have to be seen to be believed!

It shouldn't be any surprise that National Geographic publishes awesome children's nonfiction books. Their Face to Face series is particularly noteworthy. If their latest, Face to Face With Leopards, is not available when you next visit the library, try the other books in the series.

I saw an advanced copy of The Grand Mosque of Paris and couldn't stop admiring the beautiful illustrations. This true story of how the Grand Mosque of Paris's rector and fellow Muslims saved French Jews during the Holocaust is a very much welcomed addition to children's nonfiction on the Holocaust.

And on a completely different note, Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers fans have been scooping up our copies of Hannah Montana: The Essential Guide and Jonas: The Essential Guide. The iCarly: Essential Guide will be out in February (as of today).

Next post: children's picture books and easy readers for the fall.

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