Thursday, October 01, 2009

And, Finally.....

I thought I'd never get here! stand-alone titles. No sequels or series in this bunch (for now.....)

OK, whoops. I lied. These next two titles should have gone in the series post. But they're so much fun, and already quite popular, that I didn't want to just ignore them! Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute is the first entry in what promises to be a crazy graphic novel series for kids. How can you resist a book about a crime-fighting lunch lady and and a plot to replace all the substitute teachers with robots? You just can't! You'll want to read the second title, Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians. Awesome! They are such fun reads. Truly laugh out loud.

I was denied an ARC copy of The Magician's Elephant, but I'm completely over it. The Magician's Elephant is the latest chapter book by Kate DiCamillo and, quelle surprise, it's been receiving superlatives for months. I'm currently reading it, and I've gotta say, it is a bit dark, but very engrossing. We already have a number of holds (I'll return my copy soon, I promise).

I thought School of Fear sounded cool in the blurbs I read, so I ordered it. I've not had the chance to read it yet. The story centers on a group of children sent to remote boarding school in order to face their fears. It's a neat storyline, cool cover, and circulating well, so I'm hoping it is generating a lot of fans.

Patricia Reilly Giff wrote a horse book! Yay! Here at Fauquier County Public Library, we can never have enough horse stories. And Giff is such a fantastic writer. Just look at that cover! I'm admiring the bold pink lettering against the black and white background. Definitely catches my eye! Lidie joins her brother and father on their ranch in New York state and meets a horse that's having just as much difficulty adjusting to his/her new environment as she does. Wild Girl sounds like a great read.

I have many more titles to get through...see you in the next post!

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