Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Children's Magazine Month-It's Not Over 'Till It's Over

Continuing my salute to Children's Magazine Month: the Bs!

Boys are in charge of the "B" section of our children's magazines: Boys' Life and Boys' Quest. Boy Scouts are familiar with Boys' Life, as it is published by the Boy Scouts of America. It is one of our most popular children's magazines, and also one of the few that accepts advertising (this month's issue has ads for video games, Scouting merchandise, guns, and baseball cards). The October issue has articles on "The Best Cards You've Never Heard Of," an article on a Massachusetts troop that biked 66 miles in two days, and a New Jersey troop that constructed a pumpkin tossing machine. Regular features include an advice column, a cartoon, and a short story.

Boys' Quest is a bimonthly magazine that accepts no advertising and nothing that involves violence. The Oct/Nov issue is all about football: articles on Ernie Davis, Cotton Davidson, Knute Rockne, Brett Favre, a football-themed word search puzzle, and an article on six-man football. Regular features include puzzles, a "Chef's Corner," "Ticklers & Teasers," and features on computing, science, and collecting.

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