Monday, November 02, 2009

Children's Magazines Month: Better Late Than Never


Ladybug's readership is significantly younger than the readership for our other magazines: 3-6 year olds. This Cricket publication features easy stories (with much illustration), ranging from very simplistic stories to stories for readers ready to move beyond a few sentences per page. Picture puzzles, poetry, folk tales, and a cartoon are regular features.


Muse is quite a unique magazine. As its website describes, Muse is a "science magazine, a history magazine, and an art magazine-all rolled into one." Muse is definitely for curious readers who love learning: this month's issue includes articles such as "Home is Where the Brain Is: Beating-Heart Cadavers and the Scientific Search for the Soul," "The Care and Keeping of Stars," and "Plants That Can Kill You." As its subtitle "The Magazine of Life, The Universe, and Pie Throwing" suggests, there is a hint of snark throughout the magazine as well. Regular features include contests, Q&A, and reader mail. Muse is a Cricket publication.


Odyssey (published by Cobblestone) is a cool science magazine for children 9+. The current issue's theme is "Cast of Humans," with articles educating and entertaining readers about DNA, archaeological digs, the early hominins, and Neanderthals. Just like other children's magazines, games/puzzles, contests, and cartoons are regular features. Advertising (such as it is) seems to be limited to Cobblestone products.


If your child is not ready for Muse or Odyssey, but is interested in science, Owl might be a perfect fit. November's issue is a "Top 10" issue: top ten cutting-edge gadgets, ten steps in making a sushi roll, top ten newly discovered amphibians, etc. Bright illustrations, cartoons, a "Weird Zone," jokes, and puzzles make this highly attractive to young readers.

I'll wrap up Children's Magazines Month in my next post.

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