Friday, November 20, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

Thanksgiving is less than a week away! While I don't have any favorite Thanksgiving stories to share with you, I will tell you about my favorite food-related children's books. Close enough for government work, right? Here we go.

Chicks and Salsa

Are you in need of a hilarious read aloud for kindergarten or early elementary students? Chicks and Salsa is just what you need. These chicks are just plain tired of their boring old feed, so they decide to kick it up a notch, southwestern style. The chicks return in the equally funny Buffalo Wings. The chickens are ready for the Super Bowl and come across a recipe for buffalo wings. Rooster doesn't read the entire recipe through and searches for the elusive winged buffalo. His face when he discovers the main ingredient in buffalo wings is hysterical.

Mean Soup

Horace has had a bad day. A capital "B", capital "D" Bad Day. Mom decides that making Mean Soup will turn that frown upside down. Now, there are a lot of "message" picture books out there about dealing with your emotions. Not all of them make for such a great read aloud as Mean Soup. I've used this book in story time for several years, and I've had several parents tell me that they've made Mean Soup on a Very Bad Day.

The Princess and the Pizza

Mary Jane and Herm Auch have several fairy tale retellings, but my favorite is The Princess and the Pizza. Ideal for an elementary read aloud (I've read it aloud to third graders), The Princess and the Pizza is a retelling of The Princess and the Pea. Instead of passing the pea under the sea of blankets and linen test, this princess has to pass several equally odd tests, including a cooking test. If you really love to ham it up while reading a story, this would be a terrific choice. Oh, and even though it is a "princess story," I've had young boys enjoy this just as much as young girls do (she's a cool princess, and there's lots of snarky humor).

That's all I have for today! I won't be blogging until after Thanksgiving, so have a great Thanksgiving!

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