Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flying Off the Shelves

Let's take a look at what's currently popular in the children's section:

We get kids looking for spy/mystery stories. We get kids looking for funny stories. For the kid looking for a funny spy story, look no further than Cuthbert Soup's A Whole Nother Story.

I'm glad Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom is proving to be popular. Undoubtedly, it's due to the Indiana Jones influence. Plucky little girls are well-represented in beginning chapter books; I am so glad to see a new series featuring a boy.

Megan McDonald (author of the Judy Moody and Stink chapter books) continues her appealing Sisters Club with The Rule of Three (and just one of the several cupcake-themed covers released this year; how can you resist a book with cupcakes on the cover?).

I read The Roar last year for Capitol Choices. It didn't make the final list, but I thought it was a fun and exciting read. It's a true-blue page turner, and this is coming from someone who has to force herself to read children's and teen science fiction.

Awww, yes! The second book in the Sassy series is also popular. Love it.

Yesterday, a patron told me how much her daughter loved Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty. So much that she begged her mother to read it aloud again. Laugh-out loud funny, according to her daughter. We'll get the other Bad Kitty book soon.

That's just a sampling of our recent books. I'll tell you about our brand spanking-new books in my next post. Mmmmm. New book smell.

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