Monday, February 22, 2010

Percy Jackson Fans

If you've gone through the Percy Jackson series, or waiting for a copy to be returned (your best bet is to get on the waiting list), check out these titles. As the series straddles the children's and YA sections, I've included titles from both collections (Percy begins the series as a 12 year old boy; in the movie, he's 17).

YF books (Young Adult Fiction):


Children of the Lamp series

The Cronus Chronicles

Fablehaven series

Gatekeepers series

Lost Years of Merlin

Ranger's Apprentice series

Sea of Trolls series

Tunnels series

Children's books:

Bartimaeus trilogy

The Game

Iris, Messenger

Jason and the Gorgon's Blood

Rick Riordan (author of the Percy Jackson books) will have a new series out shortly titled The Kane Chronicles. The series, which focuses on Egyptian mythology, starts with The Red Pyramid, and is expected to be released in early May. We'll get the first book ASAP, but keep in mind that publication dates can change. It's getting a little too close for it to change, but you never know. Want to know more about Riordan's new series? Check out this article.

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