Friday, March 12, 2010

March Madness

Our March orders are in the catalog! Here's a sneak peek at some titles (children's picture books and novels):

Picture Books

Hot Rod Hamster

Why I'm excited about it: I love Cynthia Lord's YA novel, Rules, and can't wait to take a look at Hot Rod Hamster. From what I understand, it's an interactive picture book. Racing book + hamster + interactive format= a must read book. And this will have to tide me over until her upcoming book, Touch Blue, is published this fall. It's about a Maine island community fighting to save its one-room schoolhouse. The community takes in foster children in order to boost enrollment. And can you say, "based on a true story?" Ohhhh, MAN! Cannot wait. I'm sure important lessons of community and family are learned. I LOVE that stuff! I would be interested in a book like that just on the description alone, but when the author is Cynthia Lord, that takes it to an entirely new level.

Seven Hungry Babies

Why I'm excited: Because it's by Candace Fleming! Although mostly known for her outstanding and kid-friendly biographies, she is also a fantastic picture book author. Poor Mama Bird is trying to keep up with her baby bird's insatiable demands. ADORABLE. And it's in rhyme. Candace Fleming is so talented that it makes you sick. Now, where's her book on Amelia Earhart?

The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton Perez

Why I'm excited: I love intercultural books! Okay, that sounds boring. I'm excited about this book because it looks like a really cool addition to our multicultural collection. A little Mexican-American boy loses a tooth. He lives in America, where the tooth fairy picks up teeth, but his parents and grandparents are from Mexico, where teeth are collected by a mouse named Perez. What happens when the Tooth Fairy and El Raton Perez both show up to claim Miguel's tooth? Doesn't that sound like a terrific book?

We Planted a Tree

Why I'm excited about it: It looks like a great addition to my Earth Day story time. My Earth Day story time is for toddlers, so I focus on trees/water/pandas and other endangered animals (but I don't tell them that they are endangered). Not only is We Planted a Tree an example in a simple yet empowering way for children to learn about the importance of trees and the environment, it's also cross-cultural, for we see families in other continents planting trees as well.

My Garden

We already have this, so I've already seen the beautiful artwork and charming story. This just sings "spring" with its lovely pastel illustrations. Kevin Henkes is a tremendous talent. Love it, love it, love it.

A Boy Had a Mother Who Bought Him a Hat

Why I'm excited about it: Karla Kuskin has a knack for writing funny and creative picture books; this seems perfect for a toddler/preschool story time. I don't know much about it beyond that, but it's received awesome reviews.

Big Red Lollipop

We're seeing a small but exciting wave of South Asian authors (mostly living in the US/Canada/Britain/Australia) writing for the children's/YA market. Rukhsana Khan, who immigrated to Canada from Pakistan at the age of three, has quickly become one of my favorites. Big Red Lollipop tells the universal story of an immigrant child caught between her parents' world and her peers' world, but this looks like a very special heartfelt and moving look at a very adorable young girl.

Next post: chapter books and YA books.

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