Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Miss These Books!

We just received three fabulous picture books today that I simply must tell you about. I've had high hopes for all three since ordering them, and I'm so happy to report that they are even better than I expected.


This cutie centers on a bee that just loves everything about the bee life, especially the ability to fly! She loves to fly to Snail's house, where she tells him all about the goings-on of the animal kingdom. Doubt and despair visit this happy little bee when she glances at a newspaper clipping. A professor has declared that a bee's body is too clunky and heavy to fly! This discourages her so much that she stops flying, until her friend Owl needs her.

Eileen Spinelli's books are usually a tad longer than your average read aloud, but this charmer has enough zest and appeal for most young children. A real keeper!

The Cow Loves Cookies

I cannot wait to share this with my toddler story time group. It rhymes, it's funny, and it has an unexpected ending sure to delight young children and parents. Chickens love their feed and horses their hay, but the cow loves cookies (this is repeated often enough so that the children could chime in when prompted). Why does the cow love cookies? A lunchtime visit from the farmer reveals all. I adore it.

City Dog, Country Frog

Everyone knows Mo Willems as the hilarious, hip and zany author/illustrator of the Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny books, among many others. City Dog, Country Frog is quite a departure for him, and not only because this is the first book in which he is not the illustrator. City Dog befriends Country Frog during one of his visits to the country. Whenever City Dog visits the country, he immediately runs to find Country Frog, and they enjoy wonderful times together. One winter, however, Country Frog feels very tired. City Dog is sad when he next visits the country, but spring is all about renewal, new beginnings, and new possibilities.

Oh, this is a beautiful book! A real treasure. This is a life-affirming and gentle exploration of friendship, loss, and hope. It is not heavy-handed in the least. Do not miss this one!

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Sam and Boo said...

Oooh. A new Karma Wilson! Thanks for the heads-up. I've requested it from my local library.