Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, wow, wow, wow

We *just* received a batch of books to put on the new shelf. I don't have a lot of time to post lengthy reviews, but I must tell you that:

The Red Hen

Tiny Little Fly

I Didn't Do It

My Friend Maya Loves to Dance

National Geographic Little Kids Big Book of Animals

....are AWESOME!

The picture books are terrific read alouds. The Red Hen is a *little* different from the traditional story, but only slight details (she's making a cake instead of bread, and the kind of animals used are different) have been changed. I looove the frog going "bribbit."

My Friend Maya Loves to Dance will be loved by dance-obsessed girls. The final illustration is absolutely lovely.

I Didn't Do It is a companion to Once I Ate A Pie. Still dog poetry, but all the poems are from puppies' perspectives. Gorgeous illustrations. My favorites (hard to choose-love them all!) are "No Name," "What I Don't Like," "Big," and "Puppy Dreams," which will absolutely slay you.

When I am grown
I will keep you safe the way you keep me safe now
I will keep you safe
from winds
and hail
and snow.

When I am grown
I will keep watch
Over you

Adorable. But not sickly sweet. I dare you to pick it up and try to not read it aloud. Good poetry begs to be read aloud, and these poems are no exception.

I'm very pleased with the National Geographic book. Perfect for young animal enthusiasts. There are more Little Kids Big Books coming out next year.

I also saw that Patricia Reilly Giff has a blurb on Moon Over Manifest's front cover: "The best book I've read in ages."


That will have to wait...I have other books that have been patiently waiting in my to-be-read pile.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Kiddosphere is on break until next week!

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