Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wowbrary Wednesday/Waiting For Wednesday

Another installment of Wowbrary Wednesday (which I'm expanding to Waiting For Wednesday). I am overwhelmed with all the new fall books coming in!

I Want My MTV

A 600 page book about the first decade of MTV? Oh, hello! Yes, I am part of the MTV generation that remembers when MTV played music videos. Oh, what glorious times, my friends. We didn't care what happens when roommates stop being polite and start being real. We stayed up super late at slumber parties to watch Headbangers Ball, tuned into 120 Minutes despite our hatred of Kennedy, and hoped that our favorite video was #1 on the top 20 video countdown. VJ rivalries and crazy stories about the making of music videos? I am so there.


I missed the original airing on PBS, so I am very excited that we will soon receive DVD copies of Ken Burns's latest documentary. I'm working my way through his Civil War documentary in the meantime; I'm a latecomer to Burns's documentaries, so I have a lot left to explore of his works (I think the baseball and national parks documentaries will go to the top of my list).

Elizabeth and Hazel

It's a picture that has defined the school desegregation struggle: a young African-American student walks to Little Rock's Central High School, while an angry young Caucasian woman screams in anger, her face twisted in hatred. Those two young ladies, Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan Massery, eventually formed a difficult and eventually, heartbreaking friendship. Author David Margolick tells the tale of their relationship, as well as their difficulties emerging from the shadow of that famous photograph. Sounds like a worthwhile, but rather sad, read.

The White House: The President's Home in Photographs and History

Presidential history fascinates me (I just finished Destiny of the Republic, which is an amazing and brilliant read...cannot recommend it highly enough). This look at the changes and renovations of the White House looks like a winner, just from the chapter titles: Weddings and Funerals, The White House in Advertisements, The White House and Technology, and Animals, among others.

If you want to be among the first to know about the latest books at the Fauquier County Public Library (even before they hit the shelves!), subscribe to Wowbrary (it's a free service). Be warned that your holds list will never recover.

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