Monday, April 09, 2012

National Poetry Month

I wish I had some reviews of great books to share, but I am knee-deep in reviewing manuscripts for a national writing award (three down, two to go by the April 12 deadline) and completing a review for School Library Journal. The intensity of such critical reading and reviewing leaves little time (or incentive, frankly) for any other type of reading. Reading is, though, my way of relaxing right before I go to bed, and this type of reading is anything but relaxing. I've found, to my delight, that reading poetry (for now, I'm only reading poetry written for adults) has been a fabulous way to calm my mind at the end of the day. And what better month to start a daily poetry ritual than April?

It's especially helpful if you imagine Garrison Keillor reading the poems, which is what I've been doing while reading Good Poems.   I'm not a big fan of A Prairie Home Companion, but I've enjoyed The Writer's Almanac since high school. The poems chosen for The Writer's Almanac are not your typical symbolism-stuffed and abstract poems; Keillor has a knack for choosing poems that are unpretentious yet thoughtful. His selections reflect nature, relationships, and everyday humanity.  Good Poems has an excellent balance between classic poetry (Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare) and modern poetry.  I haven't regularly read this much poetry since high school, and I've never really read (adult) poetry for fun. Good Poems is a delight to read.

If you want your poetry on the go, check out Mashable's list of poetry apps

During your next visit, check out the haiku posts around the library.  Staff created library-related haiku in celebration of National Poetry Month.

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