Thursday, May 24, 2012

Recent Reads

Although I have any number of books checked out, I seem to have been sucked into the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I read something about her online--can't even remember what it was--and thought I would just reread the first one. And whaddya know--I'm currently on By the Shores of Silver Lake, so I figure that I might as well finish the series. So, not much to report in the ways of new books. Oh, well.  However, I did recently finish this during my recent vacation:

The List

The premise is intriguing. A list of each grade level's prettiest and ugliest girls (according to the anonymous listmaker) is posted each year at Mount Washington High School. Each chapter is told through the perspective of one girl on the list. Eight narrators. Not counting the other characters who flit in and out of their conversations and situations. Meaning that it can get rather difficult keeping tabs on what happened to which character in her previous chapter. Fortunately, the story is entertaining and creative enough to hold such frustrations at bay. This is a mature YA novel that could definitely get some discussion going about friendship, status, and physical appearances.

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