Monday, August 06, 2012


If the landing of Curiosity has sparked your (or your children's) interest in Mars, check out these books the next time you are in the library:

You Are the First Kid on Mars

Addressing the reader directly, You Are the First Kid on Mars takes a look at what a human-staffed journey to Mars would be like.

Cars on Mars: Roving the Red Planet

Published in 2009 (as was You Are the First Kid on Mars), this is an introduction to the MERS (Mars Exploration Rovers) Spirit and Opportunity.  


This is another terrific entry in DK's Eyewitness series.

For general space exploration books:

13 Planets: The Latest View of the Solar System

Published by National Geographic, this is an updated look (published in 2011) at the new planetary order. 

Out of This World Astronomy: 50 Amazing Activities and Projects

Ever since last week's astronomy program for our teen patrons (a fantastic event!), I've been paying more attention to the night sky and looking through our space books.   Budding astronomers would love this book; not only does it offer helpful hints for finding planets and constellations, but it offers detailed viewing experiments.

Space: A Visual Encyclopedia

This DK space encyclopedia is gorgeous!  Starting with ancient civilizations' views of the universe, this encyclopedia is packed with information on galaxy formation, how astronauts live in space, sections on individual planets, and information on stars and constellations. 

NASA is taking full advantage of social media. You can catch the latest photos and news on Curiosity by following its Twitter feed, @marscuriosity. Curiosity is also on Facebook and Ustream.  Look for color pictures later this week.

NASA has a site for Curiosity news and pictures.  This is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's site, located at CalTech.

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