Saturday, October 20, 2012

Transportation Tales

If you know a young child crazy about transportation/construction/etc books, we just received two creative and appealing books that just might become new temporary favorites.

We have many stories about construction equipment, but one solely focused on cranes? What Can a Crane Pick Up? stands out not only for its subject matter, but for the easy rhyming narrative and its big, fun, and humorous illustrations.  Toddlers will gravitate to this one--it's no surprise that this has had a lot of checkouts since we first received it.

I got a huge kick out of Everything Goes: On Land, so I was delighted to see a sequel of sorts.  Just as Everything Goes: On Land focused on cars, trains, motorcycles, taxis, and all things that move on land, Everything Goes: In the Air examines airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, and everything else that flies in the air.  The ins and outs of air travel are explored through a conversation between a child and his parents as they move through an airport.  Careful observers of the Everything Goes books will be rewarded with clever humor (a worried robot standing in line at the security checkpoint and a penguin remarking that he doesn't "fly well" are just two examples).  Can't wait to see what the next volume is about--perhaps sea travel?

We just sent off our October children's/YA order--will tell you about that later.

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