Friday, February 08, 2013

Snowbound Stories

All this news about the Northeast blizzard has me thinking about snow stories.  While some stories are warm and cozy reads, others invoke deprivation and hardship:

The Snowy Day

You can't talk about snow books without mentioning Ezra Jack Keats's The Snowy Day.  First published in 1962 (at a time in which it was rare to see characters of color in children's books), this depiction of a young boy's snow adventures has captivated generations of children.

The Long Winter

Laura Ingalls Wilder's fictionalized account of her family's struggle during a horrendous winter remains one of the starkest winter-themed stories I have ever read.

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit

Il Sung Na's picture books are luminously illustrated, as well as being great read alouds.  In this story, a little rabbit waits for spring while other animals hibernate.

Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library

I haven't read Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library since I first read it as a child; I should reread it again to see how the library is depicted (it was published in 1979).  Two girls are stuck in the library during a blizzard; that's about all I remember!

Old Bear

Kevin Henkes's picture books are sublime; Old Bear, in particular, never fails to amaze me with its brilliant illustrations and gentle read-aloud qualities.  While Old Bear hibernates, he dreams of his days enjoying each season as a young cub.

Twelve Kinds of Ice

I haven't had the chance to read Twelve Kinds of Ice; I've only been able to page through the book. From what I know, it's a lovely tribute to ice, ice skating, and winter. 

Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money

Lemonade in Winter is a fun, darling, and informative story about children who set up a lemonade/limeade stand in the winter.  Not only is it a sweet story about siblings and determination, but it's also a great business and math-oriented tale.  You'll have the children's chant in your head for some time: "Lemon Lemon LIME, Lemon LIMEADE! Lemon Lemon LIME, Lemon LEMONADE!"

It's Snowing!

Gail Gibbons's informative picture books are ideal for young readers; simple enough for lower elementary students, yet packed with information.  It's Snowing! tells readers about snowflake formation, what causes it to snow, and what to do during a snowstorm.


If you'd rather a story that would curl your toes rather than make you feel all warm and fuzzy, Trapped is the book for you.  Students inadvertedly left behind at their high school must survive an epic snowstorm--and not all will.

Enjoy the weekend--especially if you won't be snowed in, unlike our friends to the north!


Ms. Yingling said...

Oooh, how about Haywood's Snowbound with Betsy? And you did miss Kinney's Cabin Fever...

Jennifer Schultz said...

Oooh, excellent suggestions, Mrs. Yingling! Thank you!