Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Marvelous Moms

My toddler story time before Mother's Day is one of my favorite story times, because there are so many fabulous picture books featuring mothers.  Best of all--they're not specific to Mother's Day, so they can be enjoyed year round. Here are a handful of favorites that I've included in my story times over the years:

Daisy is a Mommy

Lisa Kopper has written a number of "Daisy" stories, but Daisy is a Mommy is my favorite.  This is a very simple and attractive read aloud; we see Daisy and her babies, accompanied by an unnamed human mother and her baby, as they go through the day (meal times, play times, pick up times, and finally nap times).  My group and I enjoy pointing out the differences between the way Daisy and the human mommy care for their young (picking them up, bathing them, and Daisy being no help at all with clean up!).

Mama Zooms

Mama Zooms was published in 1993, and I've yet to find a picture book featuring a wheelchair-bound mother that's so matter of fact and appealing to many children.  While a little boy sits on his mother's lap as she wheels them in her wheelchair, he imagines that they are taking off in spaceships, trains, and other high-powered modes of transportation.

A Mother for Choco

I adore A Mother for Choco; this sweet story about a little bird looking for a mother has been a staple in my story time sessions for years.  Choco is longing for a mother that looks just like him; although several animals share similar color and structure, they're not exactly like him. Enter Bear, who looks absolutely nothing like him, but turns out to be the ideal mother for Choco (and his new diverse group of siblings, including an alligator!).  A Mother for Choco shows up on many lists featuring stories about adoption, especially for multiracial/multiethnic families, because it gets the message across without being patronizing or preachy.

On Mother's Lap

I frequently recommend On Mother's Lap to patrons looking for "new baby" books.  If I had to name one recurring theme in picture books that sets me off, it's stories that are inherently negative about a new brother or sister.  Stories that feature a child who is tantruming throughout the entire story (until the very end) about the baby sibling, threatening to run away, etc are definite no-goes for me.  Michael is enjoying cuddle time with his mother, and keeps adding items to their laps--his toy boat, his reindeer blanket (Michael and his mother are Inuit), and their puppy.  Mother suggests that his baby sibling might enjoy rocking time too; Michael says that there's no room, but Mother wants to try.  Of course, there's room for baby ("There's always room on Mother's lap"), and Michael agrees that everything is nice and cozy.  Awwww. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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