Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to You Day!

Now that we are full swing into the summer reading program, my time available to blog is quite limited. My Thursday afternoon deadline has sneaked up on me for the second time. While I normally post about my month's reads on the last Friday of June, I'm going to hold off on that post for at least a week; I like to give those remarks more depth than usual, and that's not possible this week!

However, I don't want to miss a Friday. I went to my usual place of inspiration for when I need ideas for posts. I saw that June 27 was "Happy Birthday to You Day." Awesome! Let's talk about birthday-related books!

The Best Birthday Ever! By Me (Lana Kitty)  is a cute book to use when discussing birthday activities, manners, etc. Some manners books can be quite boring, but this has plenty of humor to keep children's interest.

Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty   is the first entry in the super fabulous and funny Bad Kitty series. Bad Kitty is stoked about his upcoming birthday party, but things quickly turn to chaos when his mischievous friends go nuts and his presents go missing! Each Bad Kitty book includes facts and tips delivered by Uncle Murray (readers will learn about basic cat care).

Nonfiction books about birthdays are few and far between; strange, because the annual birthday celebration is a huge part of children's lives! Good thing we have Gail Gibbons's Happy Birthday book. Young readers will learn about the history of birthday cakes, birthstones, and other things associated with birthdays.

I haven't read Happy Birthday to You! The Mystery Behind the Most Famous Song in the World, but you should if you want a nonfiction book about the song's history. Sounds like an intriguing read!

We're celebrating the USA's birthday July 1-5 at our libraries! Complete our patriotic-themed scavenger hunt and earn a small prize perfect for your July 4th celebration.

Jennifer Schultz, Youth Services Librarian, Fauquier County Public Library

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