Friday, August 22, 2014

Amazing Astronomy

The waning days of summer and the early days of fall are perfect for attending star parties and astronomy events. If your weekend plans involve star gazing at Sky Meadows State Park or another regional venue, you should definitely check out our excellent children's and adult nonfiction astronomy collection:

Kenneth C. Davis's Don't Know Much About series has been a longtime popular choice for armchair historians and curiosity-seekers in general, but did you know that he also has a similar series for children? Don't Know Much About the Solar System  follows Davis's standard question-and-answer format, covering information about how the moon, planets, stars, and so forth.

Although the National Audubon Society's First Field Guide: Night Sky was written for a young audience, beginner amateur astronomers will find this handy guidebook immensely helpful. Basics of astronomy, such as star formations, eclipses, and constellations are explored in detail, in addition to features on the sun, moon,  Earth, and planets.  Viewing tips for each planet and constellation maps are included.  Its compact size makes it perfect for carrying in a purse or travel bag!

The Scholastic Atlas of Space is beautifully designed; text, graphics, and pictures are matched perfectly without overwhelming the reader.  Facts about planets, stars, space exploration, and star charts are plentiful but not overbearing.

Although the other titles in this post are fine books, Starwatch stands out because it includes star charts and information for every month, so that young astronomers will know exactly what to look for in any given month! This is valuable information for stargazers of all ages.

Hope the skies are clear whenever you go stargazing!

Jennifer Schultz, Youth Services Librarian, Fauquier County Public Library

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