Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fallen Heroes: Books for Memorial Day

Looking for something to read over the Memorial Day weekend? Consider these excellent children's books:

America's White Table is a must for anyone wanting Memorial Day or Veterans' Day picture books. In honor of their Uncle John, young girls set a table in remembrance of fallen or missing servicemen and servicewomen.

If you're planning a visit to the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, Eve Bunting's The Wall is a must read. This moving picture book captures the emotions of a young child and his father who look for his grandfather's name on the wall.

DK's Eyewitness series explores a wide variety of topics in a graphic-heavy format that many children enjoy: its American Revolution, Civil War, World War I, World War II, and Vietnam War details the causes, battles, effects, and issues of each war, with a dizzying array of photographs and illustrations.

Although I haven't finished Ashley's War as of this post's publication, I already know that it will be one of my favorite reads (adult nonfiction) of 2015. Absolutely a story and a life that needed to be told. If you gravitate to military stories that are more about the people fighting than battle tactics or whatnot, or a fan of recent brilliantly written women's history accounts such as The Girls of Atomic City or The Astronaut Wives' Club (excited about the miniseries adaptation starting on June 18!), you will definitely want to read this.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

Jennifer Schultz, Youth Services Librarian, Fauquier County Public Library 

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