Sunday, June 10, 2007

48 Challenge Continued

Finished Piratica (288 pages). Very funny and lots of fun.

Finished: Walsh, Tim. Timeless Toys: Classic Toys & the Playmakers Who Created Them. 274 pages.

Fantastic. Brought back lots of memories.

Finished: Johnson, LouAnne. Dangerous Minds. 278 pages.

Saw the movie. Book is much better. Originally titled My Posse Don't Do Homework. Title was changed for the movie, and I read somewhere that Johnson hated the movie title. I do too.

Longer reviews later. My home Internet connection is still not working. This will be my only post for today (unless my home connection comes back). I'll have a full wrap up tomorrow morning (before noon, according to the rules).

I may get one more book in. I had to stop early yesterday because I was going nuts. Left at 4 and didn't read anything until I started Dangerous Minds today.

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