Sunday, June 10, 2007

48 Hour Challenge continued...

So how are the last remaining hours of my 48 Hour Book Challenge?

Bad news: I read myself into a terrific headache today, so haven't really made a lot of progress.

Good news: My home Internet connection is working! Gotta love computers.

In a way, not having access was probably a blessing in disguise. One less distraction, for one thing. I also had no idea how anyone else was doing, save for two quick glances at Mother Reader's blog (to make sure that she or her husband knew that I had started).

This has been an interesting exercise. I'll post more about it tomorrow.
I'm currently reading Beast by Donna Jo Napoli. It's on the Battle of the Books Middle School list. Wow. It's....something, all right. I'm familiar with Napoli's other books, so I knew that her books get a little...heady at times.

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