Sunday, July 15, 2007

Books, Books, Books

We are so proud of the number of books you and your children have read this summer as part of our Summer Reading Program! We love the pirate flags you have designed (hanging in our program room), the pictures you have drawn about your books, and seeing pictures of the crafts and science experiments you have done.

Can you believe it's almost over? The other day, I overheard one of our circulation assistants telling one of you when your books were due-"August 3." August 3 is in three weeks?! Where did the summer go? That means we only have 4 weeks left of our summer reading program!

But we still have a lot coming up! We always have our Reading Quest, Brain Games, and movies every week. We have Wacky Wednesday coming up, a pirate party, Granny Sue (a storyteller from the Manassas area), and a magician coming up!

Parents-don't forget to enter (or have your child enter) the number of books that your child has read every week. Look for the updated total near the prize wheel. We want to get to 20,000 books read this summer, and we need everybody's help!

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