Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the Season, Part II

I get many of the library's coloring sheets from Apples4theteacher. The pages print out crisp and large. The Christmas section has coloring sheets, craft ideas, word finds, and other activities.

Want to listen to Christmas music through your computer? This is great if you're at your office or aren't near your stereo. Locally, WASH-FM plays their continuous Christmas playlist. Mike's Radio World has an extensive list of radio stations that stream their Christmas playlists. Another alternative (and one of my favorites) is AccuRadio. AccuRadio has many channels, including a Christmas channel. Once you select the Christmas channel, you can choose to listen to only "old fashioned Christmas" songs (think Bing Crosby and Sinatra), religious Christmas songs, Christmas songs sung by Broadway artists, country Christmas songs, classical Christmas songs (think orchestras and Pavarotti), "nonstandard" Christmas songs (irreverent songs), R&B, Celtic, jazz, rock, or pop favorites (other channels are also included). If you're not keen on the particular station, you can skip to the next song. You can also deselect artists that you do not want to hear. If you're like me and like to listen to most of the channels (but not exclusively), you can create a mix of your favorite stations. Commercials are played, but they are very brief. Scroll past the channel graphics to find descriptions.

Family Fun's Christmas site has lots of great crafts and activities for families.

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