Monday, August 18, 2008

Beep Beep, Choo Choo, Rattle Rattle

Transportation history is very cool. Pair a book with economical writing and neat facts with meticulous illustrations, and you have a winner. Fans of DK Eyewitness and Kingfisher books won't want to miss Transport on Land, Road, & Rail.

From the days of the chariots to futuristic cars powered by solar, the history of planes, trains, and automobiles is told in an engaging and well-designed manner. Readers will want to linger over the amply illustrated portraits of carriages, trains, and early automobiles. I appreciate the fact that it is not an entirely Western-focused book: transportation innovations in China are not neglected. Not only are changes in cars and trains profiled, but sections on streetcars, bicycles, and motorcycles make this a well-rounded and browse-worthy book.

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