Monday, August 18, 2008

Who Moved My Cheese? For Kids

Many people-especially those of us who have had yearly training requirements at some point in our employment history-are familiar with Who Moved My Cheese? Even if you haven't read it, you probably know that it's about change and how to successfully deal with it. At the center of the book is the story about the three mice who, after becoming complacent about finding cheese, suddenly find that cheese is no longer in the place they expect to find it. The mice deal with it in their own way, and their decisions illustrate positive and negative ways of dealing with change.

Clients told Dr. Johnson that they wished they had heard the story when they were children; they thought that it might have helped them with making decisions. Dr. Johnson and his son, Christian, decided to turn the story into a picture book for kids, and so we have Who Moved My Cheese? For Kids.

Adults can grasp the meaning behind the story, but can children? Although I'm not wildly enthused about the book, I do think the discussion questions would help when discussing the story with children. As bibliotherapy, I think the book would work pretty well. It's clearly meant for a parent/teacher/group leader to share with children; I don't think it would have as much success if a child read it on his/her own. It's an interesting concept that can definitely spark fun conversations.

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