Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Cuffies

Now that the majority (probably all) of the awards for the 2008 publishing year are out, I'm going through them to see which books I've neglected in the previous year. One of my favorite lists is the unorthodox Cuffies, from Publishers Weekly. PW asks children's booksellers their opinions on a variety of topics, including Best Sequel (I totally agree) to Book You Wish Everyone Would Shut Up About (bwaaahaaahaa), Book You Were Sorriest to See Out of Print (I completely agree, but I'm hoping the issues between McCloskey's estate and the publisher can be worked out). Take a look and see if you agree.

(For the record, I loved Masterpiece as well, and I absolutely agree that Isabel is one of the best characters from last year. I bumped into a member of the Newbery committee and was so tempted to ask her WHYYYY was Chains neglected, but they're not allowed to give many details. Oh, well...perhaps for the sequel? Hearing Laurie Halse Anderson speak at the Margaret Edwards luncheon this summer will be some comfort!).

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