Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speaking of Awards/Lists for 2008 Books

I am proud to tell you about the 2009 Capitol Choices list. As a member of the 10-14 reading group, I think this is a fantastic list. While we did hit quite a few of the award winners, that is not the main purpose of the group, for we also look for books that might fly below the radar. We're not looking to predict or copy the awards lists.

We're taking a little break until March, but we'll be raring to go for the 2009 publishing year! I picked up a few ARCs that look promising (much of the stuff I picked up were fantasy/romance/adventure YA books, and after I read them, I use them for summer reading prizes...I'll see more of the award hopefuls at the annual conference). It's a lot of work to constantly seek out books to nominate and to keep up with submissions, but it's a terrific experience. I can't wait to find my next major favorite(s) of 2009.

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