Monday, April 13, 2009

Nonfiction Staff Favorites

I honestly wasn't expecting to see this many nonfiction titles!

James Towne: Struggle for Survival

The Horn Book Guide says that "...Captain John Smith emerges as a strong leader who taught himself the language of the native Americans living in the area and managed to keep the colony from disintegration for a year." (October 2001)

Mapping Penny's World

Booklist says that "[Y]oung readers will enjoy both Leedy's cheerful pictures and the narrative about Lisa and her engaging dog as they explore a familiar world from an unfamiliar perspective. Great for inspiring children to map their own world, putting a ruler to everything in sight."

All About Rattlesnakes

The Horn Book Guide admires Arnosky's "... enthusiasm and...clarity of his discussion."

An Octopus is Amazing

School Library Journal really enjoyed this books, calling it a "charming introduction to the truly amazing octopus."

Linnea in Monet's Garden

Yay! I can finally comment upon a nonfiction title! I adore this book. It's a fantastic introduction to Monet. Linnea is wonderful. Don't believe me? Let's see what School Library Journal has to say: "Linnea sparkles with the joy of discovery and charms readers." See? Need more convincing? Let's ask the person who named it as one of her (many!) favorites: "The illustrations are beautiful, just like Monet’s paintings." I rest my case.

The Witchcraft of Salem Village

I'm not familiar with this one, but this "which sparked a lifelong interest in the Salem Witch trials" for one staff member. After learning that the author is the same Shirley Jackson of "The Lottery," I've no doubt it's a compelling and memorable read.

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