Monday, April 13, 2009

National Library Week

I change out our displays every week (the display for older children sometimes stays up for two weeks). This being National Library Week, I asked Fauquier County Public Library staff to send me their favorite children's books (because every weekly display feature my favorite books). As Kai Ryssdal says on American Public Media's Marketplace, here are the numbers:

11 staff members responded
130 titles/series were named
8 specific authors were named
3 specific subjects were named

Out of these books:

50 were picture books
6 were easy readers
45 were novels
6 were nonfiction titles
2 were author memoirs
12 were series
5 were poetry/nursery rhymes/literary collections
4 were titles that we don't own (probably due to the books being out of print)
3 authors received multiple mentions
1 specific subject appeared several times (either by being specifically mentioned or by a certain author being named)

Throughout the week, I'll be blogging about the staff favorites (names will be withheld to protect the innocent). Want to guess which authors and what subject were named multiple times? That will be revealed in the last post.

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