Friday, April 10, 2009

Super Quick Update

Where has the week gone? And why are our due dates now reading May 3?

I don't have time to comment upon my recent reads, but I didn't want a week to go by without a posting! I'll comment upon my recent reads next week. I am reading a really cute YA book called Suite Scarlett. Imagine living in a historic New York hotel. Sounds pretty grand, right? Well, not so much. Scarlett's family isn't loaded like her friend's families, and she has to stay in the city to work at the hotel while her friends are plumping up their resumes. When an eccentric woman comes to stay for an extended time, Scarlett's summer gets a lot more interesting! It's also very cool to find a Manhattan teenager character that's not a wealthy party girl. Suite Scarlett is a winner.

(However, the paperback cover is not a winner! The hardback cover is a great cover and one that catches the eye of teen girls. They want to know more about that girl. Not so much a gold key.)

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