Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fun With Goodreads

One of the things I love about Goodreads are the many lists that members have created. Lists are fun, whether they are Top 10 lists or 1001 Books/Movies/Recordings/Foods/Wine you should read/see/hear/eat/taste before you die. When I was a child, one of the books I repeatedly checked out from the St. Charles Parish Public Library was a book of lists for kids (that was probably its title; I've tried Googling it, but haven't found it). It was a slightly oversized book with an orange cover with white lettering, I think, and had a ton of lists, ranging from the best roller coasters to babysitting tips.

While browsing the Goodreads lists, I noticed an interesting pattern in several teen fiction lists. There seems to be one book that's popping up on quite a few lists, such as the "Best Books Ever" list, the "Books I Have No Intention of Reading" list, the "Books I Regret Reading" list, the "I'm Glad Somebody Made Me Read This Book" list, and for those who march to the beat of a different drummer, the "Popular Books That Annoy Me" list.

Go here for more lists from Goodreads users, such as the "Read These in School-Would Have Preferred a Root Canal" list.

(Admittedly, yes, I do agree with some of these, but The Red Pony? Seriously? It's too short to be that dramatic about it!)

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