Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Wow! Talk about a snowstorm! Now, those from more northern parts might scoff at the excitement over this recent snowstorm, but for someone originally from the New Orleans area, this was a big deal. Just in case you haven't had enough of snow, here are my favorite read alouds for a snow-themed story time (I read these during last week's toddler story time).

The kids totally made my day when I held up the cover of The Snowy Day. "We read that! I have that at my house!" This classic story about a young boy's adventures in the snow continues to entertain children 47 years after its initial publication. African-American characters were rare at that time, especially by Caucasian authors. This gentle story about a young child's fun in the snow never fails to charm.

Before I begin to read a story, I always hold up the book and announce the title and author. I also make a little comment or observation about the story, cover, etc. When I announced Winter is the Warmest Season, the children and I briefly discussed the title. Isn't that a strange title? Winter is usually cold, isn't it? Well, Lauren Stringer is here to tell us that winter is actually a very warm time, full of cats on laps, warm hugs, warm fireplaces, and warm blankets at night. Even the parties seem warmer. This is a lovely and comforting picture book that's perfect for reading aloud on a cold winter night while snuggled under blankets.

Lois Ehlert is one of my all-time favorite picture book authors. Ideal for toddler (and younger) story times, her books burst with creative illustrations and story lines. Snowballs is a must for any snow-themed story time; we see a snow dad, snow mom, snow boy, and snow girl created, along with a snow cat and snow dog! It's difficult to adequately describe Ehlert's books, since they are so visually oriented, but this one has a lot of charm and appeal.

I didn't read it out loud, but we also have an illustrated version of Frosty the Snowman.

Thumpity-thump thump. Thumpity thump thump. Now I have an earworm!

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