Tuesday, June 08, 2010

More Good Stuff

Continuing with our latest batch of new books:

The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Middle School

I ordered several books on dealing with school/puberty/teen life, but I think this will be the most popular. It's something that girls *and* boys won't mind reading (they have girl specific and boy specific tips), which is definitely welcome. The majority of teen self-help books tend to be written for girls, and it's tricky to find something (not specific to puberty) that boys will read. I'm hoping this will be one of them.

The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation

I'm very curious about this book. Not only are the amendments described in graphic form, but the history of the Constitution is also told.

Supernatural Boys

Team Edward and Team Jacob will both flock to this book. Props to the author for not naming this Supernatural Boyz.

Supernatural Girls

Everything you ever wanted to know about Kristin Stewart and the other Twilight ladies.

The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA

How can you teach about genetics and DNA through manga? Maybe by including a story about an alien scientist researching humans? Sure, why not?

Songs From the Garden of Eden: Jewish Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes

Jewish lullabies and nursery rhymes from Yiddish, Hebrew, and Arabic languages...yes! I figured that Yiddish and Hebrew would be included, but didn't know that lullabies from Jewish Middle Eastern cultures (other than Israel) would be included. Very nice. A CD is also included.

Over the Rainbow

I don't get too terribly excited about book adaptations of songs. This one, however, might be an exception. For one thing, the song is slow enough that you can sing it (sing it even if you think you can't sing; it's slow enough and soft enough that you can croon it without much effort) and look at the pictures at the same time. Secondly, the illustrations look ethereal, dreamy, and a little bizarre (much like The Wizard of Oz movie). Thirdly, it comes with a CD featuring Judy Collins singing the song (!), plus two additional songs. WOW. Cannot wait.

The text includes an introductory verse that, although recorded by Judy Garland, never made it into the final cut (don't know the reason why, but it seems a bit melancholy for a song that's already melancholy enough).

The Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia: first a video game, then a graphic novel, then a movie. We're getting the other PoP books as well.

Skip Through the Seasons

This looks like fun; you read a verse about each month and find pictures associated with that month.

Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting

I cannot wait to read this book. It's all about one of the most amazing war stories in modern history. On Christmas Eve, German troops began to decorate their area for Christmas and sang Christmas carols; British troops responded by singing Christmas carols in English. Sometime later, they met on neutral ground, exchanged gifts, and played a soccer game. Of course, army officials on both sides were positively apoplectic at this, and it ultimately didn't change much in the end. It's an unbelieveable story; if someone created this story for a movie, people would call it ridiculous.

There's a fabulous (adult nonfiction) book about this titled Silent Night that I highly recommend. I'm seeing more World War I fiction and nonfiction for children, which I think is very important; it's a war that's been somewhat forgotten, although historians will tell you that ramifications from "the war to end all wars" are still being felt today. It's a subject in which I've recently developed more interest, so I'm eagerly awaiting this book.

Busy Birdies

I love the "Busy ----" board books; each book features wonderful pictures of animals and short rhyming text. We're also getting Busy Bear Cubs. Check out Busy Pandas and Busy Bunnies as well.

Portuguese Water Dogs

Bo Obama is the most famous Portuguese Water Dog, of course; young readers can learn all about this breed (and others) through this set from ABDO/Checkerboard Library. I've been looking for breed-specific children's books for some time; if these are worthwhile, I'd like to order more sets (I also ordered a breed guide from DK).

In my next post, I'll highlight our newest books with publication dates of May or June 2010.

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